Colgate Total Professional Sensitive

With clinically-proven, unique formula that fights bacteria build-up for up to 12 hrs. It creates a protective barrier around teeth & gums, providing protection from many common oral problems. It contains special anti-sensitivity ingredients that help reduce teeth sensitivity.
  • Product Characteristics

    • Contains Potassium Citrate
    • Fluoride content of 1500ppm
    • Research shows more people prefer the taste of Colgate Sensitive to other sensitive toothpaste brands


  • Product Benefits

    • Unbeatable relief from dentine hypersensitivity from an everyday toothpaste1
    • Provides clinically proven, everyday protection against caries
    • Improved taste may help to increase compliance2


    1 Hu D, et al (2004) J Clin Dent; 15: 6-10
    2 Consumer insight research. Data on file, Colgate-Palmolive Ltd.